How to get there?

There are several ways to get to Djerba: Plane, Bus, hire or rental car or other

By plane        

From Djerba-Zarzis Airport

Djerba-Zarzis Airport is located in Mellita, 9 km west of Houmt Souk, the main city on the island of Djerba. It hosts several direct flights from Paris every day. Count about 2h30 of flight. Also connections with Marseille, Lyon, Nice and Nantes. Taxis to and from this airport are available at the exit. The journey made with this means of transport should cost around 30 dinars (10 euros).

From Tunis Airport

You can take a domestic flight between Tunis-Djerba. A ticket costs around 250 Dinars (around 85 euros) for an AR. The flight takes just under an hour.

Airports of departure for planes taking off from Djerba Zarzis Airport        

Paris Orly Basel Lille Port Brussels Kazan
Paris CDG Charleroi Moscow Moscow Domodedo Ennfidha Tunis
Luxembourg Dusseldorf Vienna Frankfurt Nantes Zurich
Prague Lisbon Geneva

From Algiers to Djerba        

From Tripoli to Djerba        

Book a transfer        

The ideal solution for visiting Djerba and its surroundings is to rent a car, with or without a driver, and for this GO-Makkah offers visitors to Djerba the rental of cheap cars to avoid fatigue and discover this beautiful city at their convenience. The reservation of your rental car in Djerba can be done directly on our reservation site without forgetting that you can book your Djerba taxi at cheap prices associated with an impeccable level of service and comfort.

Bus Rental car (with or without driver) Hire