Technical regulations Open Djerba

I.    Technical regulations :

1.    The tournaments will be played according to the Swiss System in 9 rounds and should be governed by the General Rules & Regulations for FIDE Competitions.

2.     FIDE Members Federations & FIDE-endorsed Chess Academies shall have the right to send as many players as they wish, registered only through the National Federation.

3.         Players with personal rights of qualification, according to Djerba International Chess Festival handbook are entitled to free board and lodging for 8 nights sharing a double room.

4.     Time control is 90 minutes+ 30 seconds increment for every move starting from move one.

5.     Default time is 30 minutes. Any player who arrives at the chessboard after the default time shall lose the game unless the arbiter decides otherwise.

6.     The final ranking order of the players is determined by the number of points scored. If two or more players are tied for the first place or for any prize, the tie shall be broken in the following order:


a) Direct Encounter points (applies only if all tied players have played each other)

b) Buchholz Cut 1,

c) Buchholz,

d) Greater Number of Games with Black Pieces (unplayed games shall count as played with White).

e) Greater Number of Wins.


II.      Participant:

We expect participation of 350 participants, the festival will contain 6 Principals Tournaments:

1.      Master Tournament

2.      Tournament Open A: Players Elo > 2000

3.      Tournament Open B: Players Elo 1500 < Elo < 2000

4.      Tournament Open C: Players Elo < 1500

5.      Tournament Amateur: without FIDE ID

6.      BLITZ


  -   A player registered in a lower category of age due to a mistake while specifying His/Her birthday will have His/Her registration suspended until rectification.

   -       Anyone besides the players in the game hall shall be considered as an accompanying person.

   -       Access to the playing areas, places and the hotel will be provided only to whom accredited by the organizing Team. 

III.       Prizes, Titles & Certificates:

1.      Before the beginning of the first round, a list of the prizes to be awarded to at least the 6 Highest ranked participants, including special prizes, shall be published together with the rules for their award. The Organizer shall also award gold, silver and bronze medals to the players taking the first three places in each event. Trophies for the first place and medals are awarded after applying tie-breaks.

2.         Certificates shall be awarded to the players who finish in the top three positions.

3.         Certificates of participation shall be given to the players.

           The prizes exceed the 9000