The event

The International Chess Festival of Djerba

The International Chess Festival of Djerba is an experience at the intersection of sports, tourism, and culture, held every year on the enchanting island of Djerba during the month of February.

This unique event brings together chess enthusiasts from around the world for a week of intense competition and celebration of strategic thinking. During this time, the Fiesta Beach Hotel transforms into a hub for strategic minds from all corners of the globe.

This electrifying event features an 8-player round-robin tournament showcasing some of the world's most formidable chess talents.

In addition to the intense competition that animates elite chess players, this festival offers participants a captivating immersion into the enchanting atmosphere of Djerba through cultural excursions and interactions with the island's warm inhabitants.

The festival is not limited solely to chess competitions. It offers a variety of activities to cater to all participants, regardless of their level or interests:

• Open Tournaments A, B, C provide an opportunity for all players to compete against opponents of their level.

• The outdoor Amateur Tournament allows enthusiasts to enjoy the beautiful weather of Djerba while playing chess.

• The Masterclass, led by grandmasters, shares knowledge and strategies with participants.

• The Blitz Tournament attracts action and speed enthusiasts.

• Chess Events for Children introduce young players to chess in a fun and educational way.

These various components of the tournament offer a variety of opportunities for participants of all levels and ages to get involved in this exciting international event.

In addition to chess competitions, the International Chess Festival of Djerba offers a multitude of activities to enhance the participants' experience:

• Miss Chess: A competition aimed at promoting chess practice among women, while combining feminism and intellect. This event highlights the grace and intelligence of the participants, adding an enriching and inspiring dimension to the festival.

• Artistic Exhibitions: Exhibitions featuring local and international artworks, providing participants with an immersion into the artistic culture of the region.

• Sports Tournaments: Petanque, football tournaments, and other sports activities allow participants to relax and unwind between chess matches.

• Chessboxing Night: A special evening where participants can witness exciting matches combining chess and boxing, for a unique and thrilling experience.

• Musical Evenings: Concerts and evenings animated by local and international artists, offering participants the opportunity to relax and enjoy the festive atmosphere of Djerba.

These parallel activities add an additional dimension to the experience of the Djerba Chess Festival, offering participants a variety of options to fully enjoy this exceptional event.

In summary, the International Chess Festival of Djerba offers a comprehensive experience where tourism, culture, and sports intersect, providing participants with a captivating immersion into the enchanting atmosphere of Djerba, while facilitating enriching exchanges and unforgettable moments.