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SIREN number: 893234393

Intra-community VAT number: FR09893234393

Telephone: (+33) 6 22 19 07 09

Manager: Chokri SAIDI


GO-EVENTS (France) relies on a network of partners for the outsourcing of the organization of international events. In Tunisia, GO EVENTS (France) has a subcontracting contract with GO NORTH OF AFRICA EVENTS (Tunisia) (Contract No. 1222321 Ref. PE34257) signed on 10/04/2021 is its own GO NORTH OF AFRICA rights EVENTS (Tunisia) has all the rights to collaborate with local and international partners under the legal responsibility of GO EVENTS (France).



Headquarters: Rue AbdelAziz AlAroui, 6001 Gabès

Tax number: 1412498P

Trade register: B22148152015

Telephone: (+216) 75 23 86 82

Manager: Chokri SAIDI


The local partners of GO NORTH OF AFRICA EVENTS (Tunisia):


GO MAKKAH TUNISIA (For reservations)

Headquarters: Rue AbdelAziz AlAroui, 6001 Gabès

Tax number: 1716909Z

Trade register: B22122532021

Telephone: (+216) 75 23 86 82

Manager: Chokri SAIDI



Headquarters: Rue AbdelAziz AlAroui, 6001 Gabès

Tax number: 1716479Y

Trade register: B22122332021

Telephone: (+216) 75 22 01 06



Headquarters: Rue AbdelAziz AlAroui, 6001 Gabès

Tax number: 1705986D

Trade register: B22104012021

Telephone: (+216) 24 05 82 20


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In accordance with the Law of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms (hereinafter referred to as the "Data Protection Act"), GO-EVENTS would like to inform you that by completing a Registration Form, your personal data will be added and processed in GO-EVENTS files. They will allow us to provide you with services, to send you information and promotional offers from DJERBA CHESS FESTIVAL and suppliers of products or services. They will also be used for statistical purposes and to analyze market trends. To be able to personalize our services, adapt them to your interests and needs and allow us to provide you with the best offers on the market, we ask you to periodically update your data and inform us of any changes.


In addition, DJERBA CHESS FESTIVAL informs the User of the possibility and his right of access, rectification, deletion and opposition to the personal data concerning him contained in the data file managed by the company GO EVENTS. If you wish, you can also exercise the aforementioned rights by sending an e-mail to info@djerbachessfestival.com.


Finally, and in accordance with the provisions of article 69 of the Data Protection Act, the User accepts that his data be transmitted to the recipients as referred to in the previous point, in application of the terms and conditions set out, without geographical restriction, including in countries that are not able to offer a level of protection comparable to that offered by the Data Protection Act and freedoms.


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• Under no circumstances we will disclose your personal data to a third party outside our organization. However, it may happen that said data is transmitted to third-party commercial partners of GO-EVENTS throughout the world within the framework of services on our website. We may also transmit to third parties, statistical data relating to our sales, our customers, the data traffic of our site as well as other information relating to our website. Under no circumstances, these statistics will not contain elements allowing you to be personally identified.


• We will limit ourselves to collecting and using the personal data that we consider necessary for the execution of the provision of high-quality personalized services in which consultation and information relating to our services can be included, if we believe that you can take advantage of it.


3. Limits of Liability 

GO-EVENTS makes every effort to update, maintain and operate the website but cannot in any way guarantee the absence of technical problems, the infallibility of the service of the web page, or that the system or portal will finds operating at every moment.


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6. Site editor

GO-EVENTS is a French event company, based on Ivry Sur Scene, Paris, specialized in the organization of cultural and sporting events, with the experience of organizing several events in chess:


In 2021, we were awarded:

- Djerba Chess Festival

- International Youth Team Chess Meeting.

- International Francophone Chess Meetings.

- Arabian Karpov Chess Cup & Karpov Chess Academy.