GM Bilel Bellahcene our guest in Djerba 2022

Bilel Bellahcene (born 1998) is an Algerian chess player. He holds the title of Grandmaster (GM). Born in Strasbourg, France, he changed his federation from France to Algeria in July 2018.


As of September 2019, Bellahcene is the top-ranked player in Algeria.

Bellahcene represented Algeria on Board 1 in the 2018 Chess Olympiad.

Bellahcene won the 2019 FIDE Zone 4.1 Championship with a perfect 9 our of 9 to qualify for the Chess World Cup 2019. In the first round, he came close to upsetting Hikaru Nakamura, holding the much higher-rated player to two draws in the classical games before losing in the tie-breaks.