The seriousness of the health situation, the uncertainty about its outcome and the caution that it requires to adopt, the decisions announced by the Ministry of Cultural to cancel all cultural activities from January 14 to 24, 2021, for the second  time in a month, and finally the decisions of the Ministry of Health, all have  led the organizing committee of the Djerba International Chess Festival to sadly  postpone the 3rd edition of Djerba International Chess Festival to a later date, which will be fixed and announced on our social networks and our website soon.


We are still positive and optimistic despite the fact that the event can no longer be held on the appointed date.  However, following an examination of the data relating to the pandemic, presented by the national observatory of new and emerging diseases as well as the recommendations of the scientific committee to fight coronavirus, the Tunisian state announced on Tuesday, January 12 an extension of the curfew and the ban on movement between towns and the latest announcements of recommendations and health protection measures make it unthinkable to hold this festival.


Our decision to postpone the show is to preserve everyone's health and always keep the festive nature of our event.  Indeed, despite our efforts to choose an appropriate place to these circumstances, strict compliance with sanitary protocol and open spaces air, we couldn't keep the festival going.


The success of this meeting depends on the collaboration between the participants, the guests and visitors while ensuring the safety of everyone, this festival cannot take place on this date.  In addition, the technical staff and the organizing committee will always be ready to any resumption and continuity of activities.


We are very aware that the disappointment will be sharp for all our partners as well as players, travelers, exhibitors, suppliers, volunteers and employees who have been prepared for months and who all looked forward to this opportunity. Health prevention has always been at the heart of our mission and a value that is very dear to us.  It is therefore important for us to show ourselves in solidarity with government directives to overcome this pandemic.


Hope to see you, stay healthy!