The winners of the Djerba Women's Online Chess Open

Chokri SAIDI, director Djerba International Chess Festival, organized on the website a big internet blitz tournament for all women players in the world. Our objective is to promote chess among women in the Arab world and in Africa


Date: Sunday June 14, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. (Paris, GMT+2)


Time Control: 3 Min.

System: Swiss

Rounds: 17

 A Total prize, 2000 $


General classification:

1st Place: (400$) Zeinab Mamedjarova (WGM - Azerbaïdjan)

2nd Place: (250$) Aleksandra Maltsevskaya (WGM - Russie)

3rd Place: (150$) Inga Charkhalashvili (WGM - Géorgie)

4th Place: (100$) Elina Danielian (GM - WGM - Arménie)

5th Place: (50$) Gulnar Mammadova (IM - WGM - Azerbaïdjan)

6th Place: (50$) Nino Khomeriki (WGM - Géorgie)


1st Best Place African player (300$) Alaa Elgamal (Égypte)

2nd Best Place African player (150$) Mudodo, Refiloe Hazel (WCM - Zimbabwe)

3rd Best Place African player (50$) Chadha Meddeb (WIM - Tunisie)  


1st Best Arab player (300$) Shahenda Wafa (WGM - Egypt)

2nd Best Arab player (150$) Rania Nassr (WFM - Algérie)

3rd Best Arab player (50$) Nibal Algildah (WIM - Syrie)


Congratulations and BRAVO!