But if this data seems more and more obvious, another good news comes to support it. Indeed, Tunisia is the second country in the world with a low index of contagiousness.


Encouraging figures

Zero cases of contamination, zero deaths in five days, opening of supermarkets or even, reduction of the curfew ... Today, Tunisians are savoring the fruit of their sacrifices.

In addition to these "good news", the cartographic analysis of data initiated by the RO GLOBAL MAP site and having as its theme RO, aka the contagiousness index. With an index of 0.179, "El5adhra" took second place in the ranking, with China leading the podium.


Bad students in the ranking

If Tunisia has succeeded in controlling the spread of the Coronavirus and flattening the curve, other countries, mostly neighboring, are far from this pattern.


 With an index between 0.5 and 1.2., Europe and North America have the highest RO indices.


So let's continue on this momentum and above all, let's not forget that barrier gestures, wearing a mask and social distancing, BRAKE the spread of the Virus and that for the moment, ONLY ONE VACCINE COULD ERADICATE IT. So let's be vigilant.


Source: hoa-magazine