GM Alexey Dreev in Djerba

Alexey Dreev (Russia) Grand Master International


Romain Édouard (born 30 January 1969) is a Russian chess grandmaster, he joined the Master Players (2500-2600) of the Djerba International Chess Festival, which will take place at Djerba Aqua Resort 4* Hotel from 20 February to 1 March 2021 in Djerba.


Palmers Romain Edouard:

- World Rank

World (all players): 97

World (active players): 87

- National Rank RUS

National (all players): 22

National (active players): 20


- Continent Rank Europe

Rank (all players): 65

Rank (active players): 58


- FIDE Titles (year)

Grandmaster (GM)1989

International Master (IM) 1988